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District cooling

Centralised cooling ensures cost-efficient systems with ideal energy utilisation. isoplus provides high quality pre-insulated pipes for district cooling systems that ensure a minimum of energy loss to benefit both environment and economy.
District cooling is becoming increasingly more important all over the world. Also in Denmark district cooling schemes are being established. The basic principle of district cooling is similar to that of district heating. A carrier medium is cooled centrally and the cooling is distributed to the customer through a pre-insulated piping system.

Centralised district cooling produces a more cost-efficient system than cooling produced in small decentral units. Put simply you get more cooling for your money. Often, it is also possible to use various energy sources, like surplus heat from power production or industrial processes that would otherwise go to waste. Other heat sources such as waste incineration and geothermal energy can also be converted to district cooling.

The operating temperature of a district cooling system is typically between 5 and 12 C. However, cooling media with extremely low temperatures, for example from the chemical industry, can also be transported.

isoplus develops pre-insulated pipes and components for district cooling, which ensure a minimum of heat loss from the piping system and make your district cooling system future-proof.

We help you find the best and most cost-effective solution for your project.

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Pipes and fittings for district cooling

Steel pipe

Pre-insulated steel pipe is a solid and efficient solution for district heating, cooling as well as industrial applications that require high temperature and pressure resistant pipes.


isoplus pre-insulated isopex pipes are perfectly suited for branch lines, secondary lines and small community projects with a continuous operating temperature of maximum 85°C.


isoplus’pre-insulated isoflex pipes is a bonded pipe system, perfectly suited for branch lines in district heating systems operating at high temperatures and pressures.


isoclima is a flexible pipe system made of fracture and impact resistant PE-HD, particularly suited for the transport of cold water.


isowell is a flexible, longitudinally welded and spirally corrugated HYDRA® stainless steel pipe, particularly suited for secondary piping networks with high requirements to pressure and temperature.

Joints and fittings

isoplus offers a complete range of joints, joint assemblies, fittings and other accessories, all tailored to the pipes and easy to install and maintain.

Case references

Innovative project with new energy station in Tårnby

Tårnby Public Utility paves the way with a new visionary project in which an energy station will become the new gathering point for the area's district heating and cooling. Here the two systems will utilize the energy from the waste water. The plant will be the first...

Sheridan College – Optimizing energy consumption

Sheridan College set goals to reduce its energy consumption by 65% and CO2 emission by 45% by 2030. With four separate campuses enrolling 40,000 students, the college focused on reducing the consumption of the two largest campuses. To achieve the project's goals new...

University of Rochester – From steam to hot water

The University of Rochester is one of the country's top-tier research universities. The campuses are home to 200 academic majors, more than 2,000 faculty and instructional staff, and some 10,000 students which yields high requirements for the capacity and safety of...

District cooling of the future in Høje Taastrup

Centralized district cooling gains still more importance both in Denmark and world wide. In Denmark, the town municipality of Høje Taastrup accommodates a large number of business enterprises, and a study demonstrated a strong potential for district cooling (e.g....

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