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Community heating

Sustainable heating in small distribution networks is a reliable solution with a guaranteed lifetime of 30-50 years.

Community heating provide a simple heating solution for households in locations without a district heating network. These networks are operated by a separate centrally located heat production, which can supply heat to various consumers – from very few households to an entire village or an industrial area.

Small urban communities usually source their heating from central heating plants based on wood-, pellet- or oil. The supply is made more sustainable by using renewable energy sources like sun and biomass.

Community heating is a reliable solution. isoplus’ pre-insulated pipes for small community projects are effectively insulated with polyurethane foam and protected by an impact and fracture resistant PE-HD jacket pipe. This ensures a constant low heat loss and a guaranteed lifetime of 30-50 years.

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Pipes and fittings for community heating solutions

Steel pipe

Pre-insulated steel pipe is a solid and efficient solution for district heating, cooling as well as industrial applications that require high temperature and pressure resistant pipes.


isoplus pre-insulated isopex pipes are perfectly suited for branch lines, secondary lines and small community projects with a continuous operating temperature of maximum 85°C.


isoalupex is a flexible pre-insulated piping system perfectly suited for branch lines in district heating piping systems.


isoplus’pre-insulated isoflex pipes is a bonded pipe system, perfectly suited for branch lines in district heating systems operating at high temperatures and pressures.


isocu is perfect for branch lines in district heating systems with high requirements to temperature and pressure.


isowell is a flexible, longitudinally welded and spirally corrugated HYDRA® stainless steel pipe, particularly suited for secondary piping networks with high requirements to pressure and temperature.

Reinforved PEX

Reinforced PEX is a flexible pipe perfectly suited for secondary networks with high requirements to pressure and temperature. Kevlar reinforcement allows the pipes to be used at maximum operating pressures of up to 10 bar.

Joints and fittings

isoplus offers a complete range of joints, joint assemblies, fittings and other accessories, all tailored to the pipes and easy to install and maintain.

Case references

A sustainable village becomes a reality

In Føns on West Funen, Denmark a vision about sustainable village became a reality. In October 2015, a brand-new wood chip-fueled heating plant was established, which now provides heating for 43 local households. isoplus has supplied the pipes and made the detailed...

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